Best Drinking Izakaya Tours in OSAKA | Kacho fugetsu 花鳥風月

About the tour

We would like to give our service to foreign tourists, ideally 4 or 5 people per tour, who like to drink,
and let you experiencing and having good fun in authentic local bars in Osaka with us.
Our service includes Izakaya and Tachinomiya hopping.
A Japanese style bistro and a Japanese standing bar respectively. If you really like to drink, you are at the right place!
We will be your private guides and will tell everything you want to know about Japanese cuisine and alcohol beverage.
We can also teach you useful Japanese language and local dialect.


  • JPY10,000/person
  • Payment: Cash, Alipay, Paypay
  • Includes all food and drinks, and a nice souvenir.
  • Hopping to 3 Izakaya / Tachinomiya selected by us, 2 drinks and 1 dish per place.

*Izakaya: Japanese bistro
*Tachinomiya: Japanese standing bar


  • Age: 20 years old or more.
  • 4 people minimum, or 5 maximum per tour. 

*For example, if you are 2, we will have to find and include 2 or 3 other people in the same tour. Otherwise, it will be cancelled.

Time, Place

  • A tour takes about 3 hours in total which is around 40 to 50 mins per place.
  • Please choose one from Tenma, Juso, Umeda, Kyobashi.

*For example, if you are 2, we might not be able to meet your request.


To complete our tour, we would like to give you a nice souvenir from Japan.
Please choose one from the following. (1 item per person)
・1 bag of Japanese rice  1kg
・1 bottle of Japanese sake 500ml
・Small items Japanese snacks, general goods