Welcome to Osaka, the capital of Kansai, located in western Japan. Osaka is a vibrant city packed with wonderful, interesting, and very open-minded people.

When you come to Osaka with your friends, trying local bars and starting a conversation with Japanese people is not always that simple. 

One of the main issue you will probably encounter here is the language barrier, and if you are not really familiar with the language of Miyamoto, it might be difficult to fully enjoy your Japan experience

Myself, Kentaro and my friend Mitsuru would like to give our service to foreign visitors, ideally a small group of 4 or 5 people each time, who loves drinking and trying amazing foods with us and the locals.

We will take you to traditional Izakaya and Tachinomiya. Basically the places where locals go, the atmosphere is excellent and you will feel closer to people here!
Being your private guides and telling you all you want to know about Japanese cuisine and drinks will take you to a whole new level of Japan experience.

I am an experienced Japanese teacher, and lived abroad for a few years. I have deep knowledge about my culture and I’ll be happy to share that with you! My friend Mitsuru-san, owns a standing bar, called Tachinomiya in Japanese, not only he knows a lot about Japanese liquors (Nihonshu, Shochu, Awamori etc.) but he’s also a certified Sushi master.

Try our service, you won’t regret it! 


Are you interested in learning how to make real sushi from a real sushi chef in Japan?

Mitsuru sensei is here to teach you how to make good ones from the scratch! Experience an instructive and fun sushi class with him. Sushi will have no more secrets to you! 

He has over 25 years experience in making sushi, and I can tell you, not only it’s delicious but it’s also visually very pleasant!

Mitsuru-san’s sushi class starts from 9PM and we will provide an all-you-drink course, be prepared!  

Myself, Kentaro, will be your interpreter.

Don’t miss this unique experience! Please click the below button for further details.

About us


Kacho Fugetsu means “Beauty of nature”, because we want you to truly experience the beauty of what Kansai region can bring to you.
For the past years, more and more tourists come and visit Osaka but it’s really too bad that most of them only go to famous places. We believe there are so many places that visitors are missing and we would like to take you to the best drinking and eating places where only local people goes! We will make your journey unforgettable.

Kacho Fugetsu – 花鳥風月

Mitsuru - Izakaya owner

I run a standing bar (Tachinomiya) in Nishinomiya city, just 15 mins from Osaka. I am making traditional Japanese food including sushi and other foods to pair with your favorite drinks.

Kentaro - Japanese teacher

I have been teaching Japanese online for more than 6 years and also lived abroad for a few years. Osaka and the neighborhood have no secrets for me when it's about drinking, I will guide you in English and show you many interesting things to see in the area.

What our clients say

I had my best drinking experience in Japan with Ken and Mitsuru, they are so funny!! I really learnt a lot about Japanese culture, especially about Nihonshu (what we call sake) and Shochu. Will definitely reach them again once I visit Osaka!

Kenny G.