Izakaya: Japanese bistro / Tachinomiya: Japanese standing bar

We are two Japanese men from Osaka, the capital of Kansai, located in western Japan. Osaka is a vibrant city packed with wonderful, interesting, and very open-minded people.
When you come to Osaka with your friends, trying local bars and starting a conversation with Japanese people is not always that simple. We can definitely help you with that.

One of the main issue you will probably encounter here is the language barrier, and if you are not really familiar with the language of Miyamoto, it might be difficult to fully enjoy Japan.
We would like to give our service to foreign tourists, ideally 4 or 5 people per tour, who like to drink, and let you experiencing and having good fun in authentic local bars in Osaka with us.

Our service includes Izakaya and Tachinomiya hopping. A Japanese style bistro and a Japanese standing bar respectively. If you really like to drink, you are at the right place!
We will be your private guides and will tell everything you want to know about Japanese cuisine and alcohol beverage. We can also teach you useful Japanese language and local dialect.

In short, Kentaro is a Japanese teacher who can speak English and Mitsuru is a standing bar owner with lots of jokes.
If you want to learn deeper about Japanese culture, if you want to know what great Izakaya is and if you don’t believe in guidebooks, Kacho Fugetsu is made for you!


Don’t you feel lonely or bored at night when you come visiting Japan? After dinner, and maybe a couple of arcade game sessions, you probably want to have one or two drinks but in the end you just head back to your hotel room, right? Don’t you want to learn more about Japanese culture?

We are here to make you experience a true, fun, instructive and wonderful night! We are not taking you to any nightclubs or random bars, we have something more original to let you experience!

We want to teach you how to make sushi, yes, real sushi! Everyone knows what is a sushi, but have you ever try to make it your own? Let’s learn how to make a proper sushi by our chef Mitsuru! He has over 25 years in making sushi, and I can tell you, not only it’s delicious but it’s also visually very sophisticated! And to pair your own-made sushis, Mitsuru will provide you the drinks you need to go with!

Our “night class” experience includes making sushi, eating the sushi you made, and an all-you-can drink in chef Mitsuru’s bar!

Everything you need to know about sushi, he will be pleased to tell you. Myself, Kentaro, will be your private interpreter. Don’t miss this unique experience!

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About us


Kacho Fugetsu means “Beauty of nature”, because we want you to truly experience the beauty of what Kansai region can bring to you.
For the past years, more and more tourists come and visit Osaka but it’s really too bad that most of them only go to famous places. We believe there are so many places tourists are missing and we would like to take you to the best drinking and eating places where only local people goes! We will make your journey unforgettable.

Kacho Fugetsu – 花鳥風月

Mitsuru - Izakaya owner

I run a standing bar (Tachinomiya) in Nishinomiya city, just 15 mins from Osaka. I cook traditional Japanese food including sushi and other food to pair with your favorite drinks. You will have all your answers about Japanese food and drinks with some jokes aside.

Kentaro - Japanese teacher

I have been teaching Japanese online for more than 6 years and also lived abroad for a few years. Osaka and the neighborhood have no secrets for me when it's about drinking, I will guide you in English and show you many interesting things to see in the area.

What our clients say

I had my best drinking experience in Japan with Ken and Mitsuru, they are so funny!! I really learnt a lot about Japanese culture, especially about Nihonshu (what we call sake) and Shochu. Will definitely reach them again once I visit Osaka!

Kenny G.